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Now is the perfect opportunity to expose your banner ad throughout our diverse site. The majority of our traffic is in the Free Resume and Free Job Ad pages, however we also get a good amount of traffic in our Bargains, Web Tools, and E-jokes pages.

NEW: We now accept E-mail Ads that are included in our Job Ads confirmation mailing for only $9.95/month.

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Sample Hits/PageViews

Month Hits Files
May 2000 241,504 193,629
April 2000 234,790 189,351
March 2000 253,842 209,313
February 2000 222,677 176,292
January 2000 164,188 131,784
December 99 138,902 111,943
November 99 178,579 131,112
October 99 133,206 95,135
September 99 152,125 90,012
August 99 121,729 81,781


Targeted Audience

The Bright & Professional Site offers a targeted audience to prospective advertisers. Users of the Index are typically recruiters, employers, job seekers (high school & college students), web developers, audio video & computer shoppers (average ages 20-35 range). We can target your banner ad to a specific audience or rotate it throughout the whole site.


Large Banners

While most web sites rotate an ad banner with a standard size of 468 by 60 pixels or smaller, The Bright & Professional Site now allows for banners to be any size, as long as the height does not exceed 70 pixels and the width does not exceed 505 pixels. Everything helps when trying to attract more visitors to your web site. Animated GIF89 banners are OK with us. No restriction is placed on image size, however we find banners 20k or less load much quicker & more people see it.



Real time statistics are provided so that you can judge how well your advertisements are pulling through at Our daily stat information provided helps you get the most out of your advertisements.


Reasonable Ad Rates

Impressions Cost Per Thousand Total Price
5,000 $10.00 $50.00
10,000 $9.00 $90.00
20,000 $8.00 $160.00
50,000 $7.00 $350.00
100,000 $6.00 $600.00
The ad rates above are for general & targeted ad rotations.

For Only $9.95 (Per Month) : Get more results by Advertising on our Job Ads Confirmation E-mail Area. This E-mail is received by recruiters and employers that post a job ad on our site. This option includes a brief description and one link back to your site. [Purchase E-Mail Ads]

For more information on how to advertise on this site contact us below. Or, click on "Buy It!" above to start you ad campaign today.

E-mail us:
Call us: 562-683-2146
Snail Mail us:
P.O. Box 326
Lakewood, CA 90714


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