There was this guy who had been driving on the road for hours and he was getting pretty thirsty. So the man decided that when he sees the next bar he would pull over and have a beer. He then came across this one bar and pulled in. When he walked inside he noticed there were only men in there, he thought to himself what kind of bar did i just come to, he was to thirsty and didn't want to leave.

The guy walked up to the bar and asked the bartender for a beer. The bartender said "in order to get a beer you have to have a nickname for your penis." The guy was in shock and asked "what are you talking about?" The bartender told him "everyone has a nickname for their penis and you have to have one in order to get your drink" and he asked if he had a name for it. The guy said "no i don't." The bartender said "well my nickname for it is 'chubby' and that guy over there named his 'rocky'."

So the guy sat at there for a minute and said "seceret,that's the name i'll give it." The bartender has a funny look and asks "seceret? what kinda nickname is that?" The guy replies "its strong enough for a man...but made for a woman."

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