Combat Pilots

A flight navigator had died when the plain he was in had crashed, and went strait up to heaven...

At the entrance he stopped, went to the man at the gate and said: ' I am going in only if you can assure me that there are no pilots in heaven, other wise - I would rather go to Hell !!'

( you see - the ones that are not qualified at the end of a combat pilots course are assigned as flying navigators, not only that - but the ones who do get to be pilots, like to make fun of these navigators so they don't warn them before taking a sharp turn, causing the navigators to bump their heads against the windshield etc...)

Any way, after a short while the confirmation comes: ' no pilots here!' , and the navigator goes in...

After a while the navigator notices a very handsome, tall , blond - man that is walking around wearing dark sun-glasses, surrounded by beautiful young ladies. The navigator then runs back to the door man yelling:' you promised that there are no combat pilots here!!!' the door man replies: ' Oh, are you talking about that guy? that's GOD, he'd love to be a combat pilot!!'

:) conan.

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