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Web Resume Membership
- For Recruiters and Employers Only

As a recruiter or employer, becoming a resume member has major advantages. You will have access to the hot resumes that you usually will not find on any other site on the internet. 

You will have several advantages over your competing recruiters or employers using only the free non-member service as listed below: 

Member Access (Special: Only $5(or less)/month)
[Cost may be tax deductible, please consult your tax advisor]

  • Gain access to the newly submitted resumes 2 or more weeks before they are released to the non-members.
  • Gain access to detailed resume information such as: 
    • Name
    • Desired Job Type
    • Phone Number
    • Desired Employment Type
    • E-Mail
    • Willing to Relocate
    • My City
    • Degree Obtained
    • My State/Prov/Country
    • Willing to Travel
    • My Experience
    • Authorized to Work in U.S.
    • Currently Looking
    • Industry Category and
    • Content
  • Get notifications of newly posted resumes in real-time.
  • Gain access to newsletter / job notification mass E-mail to subscribing resume submitters (extra $, soon).
  • Establish your company page (extra $, soon).
  • And many more advantages to come...

>>> JOIN TODAY <<<


Non-Member Access

  • View old resumes that are about a month old.
  • View only the resume name and content.
  • Anonymous form contact.







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